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About the Abstractor's Department

The Abstractor's Section is an area of the Bossier Parish Clerk of Court's office that is provided to the working abstractors and petroleum landsman as a courtesy.  This area provides individual work areas so that they might have a place to sit down and examine their research, abstracts, plats, etc.  The Clerk also provides, as a courtesy, several incoming telephone lines to this area as well as a paging system for anyone working in this area of the Clerk of Court's Office.

The Clerk of Court is not permitted to and does not give "Title Opinions".  Only an Attorney can render a "Title Opinion" in Louisiana.  An attorney may utilize several departments in the Clerk's Office doing the research necessary to form a title opinion.  For example, copies of sales and mortgages may be ordered from the Research Department and a Mortgage Certificate might be ordered from the Mortgage Department.  After a closing, the Cash Sale, Mortgage and other documents related to the transaction will be filed at the Recording Department.

For further information about Abstracting and Title Opinions, please consult your local library, bank, or your attorney.

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