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Recording Fees

Beginning September 1, 2014, the State of Louisiana has a new law relating to all documents recorded in the Mortgage and Conveyance records. This law requires our office to collect an additional $5.00 fee for each recorded document. This fee will be used to cover the cost of the new statewide portal for remote access of certain Mortgage and Conveyance records. More specifically, the money shall be used to fund costs related to the statewide portal, including but not limited to acquiring hardware and software and providing document preservation



Conveyance or Mortgage (Any document recorded in Mortgage that requires a notation; i.e. Partial Release, Assignment, Subordination, etc.) Amendments, Cancellations, Dissolution Termination

$25.00 for first page

$8.00 for each additional page

$1.00 for each file stamped copy

$5.00 per notation

State and Federal Tax Liens

$25.00 for first page

$8.00 for each additional page

Dual Recording (Conveyance and Mortgage)

$50.00 for first page

$16.00 for each additional page

Oil, Gas, and Mineral Leases

$45.00 (1 page front and back)

$61.00 (2 pages front and back)

$8.00 for each additional page

LA State Agency Lease (w/conventional Rider) or LA State Lease w/Road


Subdivision Plats

$25.00 for first page

$15.00 for each additional page


$35.00 Original Note Marked “Paid” (Must have Request Attached)

$25.00 for first page of Affidavit

$8.00 for each additional page

$5.00 per notation

Notary Bond

$25.00 plus $5.00 certified copy




$5.00 per name over 4 names. All female names which include Maiden & Married is considered 2 names

Mortgage Certificate (1 property only), Clear Lien, General Certificate, Judgment Certificate. (UCC NOT INCLUDED)

$20.00 First Name

$10.00 Each Additional Name

$1.00 per encumberance over 10


$1.00 per page (picked up or mailed)

$5.00 local fax plus copy fee

$8.00 long distance fax plus copy fee

$0.40 per page Web printing


$5.00 per document plus copy fee. If copies, are not provided.

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